Professional Recommendations

“Heather is a bright and energetic leader who strives to improve our community and herself. I’ve known Heather in a business context but also in a church context, and I would recommend her highly as a business provider or a friend.”

— David Britt, President / CEO, United Way of Central Louisiana

“Heather is a very motivated and dedicated supporter of the causes she believes in. She is passionate and committed to making our community a better place, and she is tireless in her efforts.”

— A Brent Caplan, VP/GMM, Caplan’s Inc

“…Heather has revitalized the organization through her dynamic approach. Using social media as a primary communication tool, she is communicating with those in the area, creating and leading opportunities to become involved and take pride in the neighborhoods, and is making a significant difference in the community. Through her leadership, the organization has become a vital positive force in the city.”

— David Curry, Retired, Vertex Inc.

“It has been my privilege to know and work with Heather Wise Matlock for a couple years through her service with the Alexandria Lions Club. Heather has very strong Christian and family values that are threaded into everything she does. At her core, Heather is a community servant engaged in promoting the virtues and benefits of living in Cenla. Heather Wise Matlock is a respected business leader in Central Louisiana and an individual I wholeheartedly recommend.”

— Don Fowler, Vice-President & CIO, AFCO Industries, Inc.

“Heather Wise Matlock is a mover and a shaker and a community activist. She is intelligent, organized and can motivate people to gather, get involved and get things done. I appreciate her passion for whatever project she has taken on and know that she will meet whatever deadline looms.”

— Cynthia Jardon, Public Information Officer, City of Alexandria, LA

“In my experience working with Heather, I have found her to be a take charge – get the job done person with superior organizational skills.”

— Loren Lampert, Chief of Police, Alexandria Police Department

“I have worked with Heather Matlock in nonprofit committee work and found her to be articulate and straight forward. She pays attention to detail, but has the insight to be able to see the larger picture. Heather understands a business model, but can see the contrasts and similarities involved when working in a non-profit environment.”

— Hans Leis, professor, Louisiana College

“Heather Wise Matlock is among the most driven people I encountered in my more than 10 years spent in Central Louisiana. In addition to being impressed with work in the business community, I have been frequently amazed with the level of dedication Heather has shown in her charitable and civic endeavors. We frequently worked together in church groups. When tasked with leading, Heather lead with passion and honor. When tasked to follow, she was the model team player. I have also been witness her efforts to preserve historic landmarks, strive to raise money for worthy causes, and affect positive changes at a local college. She has proven me that she is not only a skilled leader but possessing of vision and rare courage in all walks of life. Heather is a person on whom you can depend and trust.”

— Will Tubbs, Assistant Athletic Director, Louisiana College

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