Owl Fine Foods, the Heart of the Garden District

“When I was a child, I had a Catholic school chum, whose dad owned the local funeral home. We would always walk to Owl Fine Foods, when I would stay the night with her in the Garden District. She would tell me to choose any ice cream or popsicle I wanted. At the register, she’dContinue reading “Owl Fine Foods, the Heart of the Garden District”

Mimosa Place- 2816 Elliott Street

For many years Elliott Street ended directly after the bayou behind Hillcrest Drive and the Avenues area, but a new neighborhood was developed beginning in the 1940’s that was called Mimosa Place. We will begin the story of the house at 2816 Elliott Street with the marriage in 1910 of two young Louisianan people, MorrisContinue reading “Mimosa Place- 2816 Elliott Street”

Houses Made of Glass- 520 Park Place Drive

Two drastically different backgrounds come together to form the story of the lovely house at 520 Park Place Drive in Alexandria, Louisiana.  This was the home of Lester William Allen and his wife Garnet LaCroix from 1940 until at least 1960.  This couple lived and worked together throughout the years establishing an Alexandria business thatContinue reading “Houses Made of Glass- 520 Park Place Drive”

Sugar Sweet- 1815 White Street

The story of this Alexandria, Louisiana house begins on a sweet note with the son of a French immigrant who arrived in New Orleans in 1882. Phoenix O. DePass (1843-1907) was an extraordinary man, who had made himself from nothing after losing his parents by the age of thirteen years. After serving in the CivilContinue reading “Sugar Sweet- 1815 White Street”