The French Family at 1220 Blythe Avenue

1904 Sylvester’s Map of Alexandria, Louisiana shows the undeveloped area that would later become the portion of Blythe Avenue in which the subject house of this article is located (the section labeled H.H. White to the left of Polk Street). In 1904, The Town Talk newspaper described the new addition called the Kilpatrick Addition. This... Continue Reading →

823 City Park Boulevard, Alexandria, Louisiana

Dorothy Hylton Prosser was born in Louisiana in the year 1894. At 21, she married Dr. Eaton Kittredge Sims, a man twice her age in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish, Louisiana. They were married nine years before Dr. Sims passed away in 1924. The couple had three children together in addition to children that he had from a previous marriage.

Fifty Nifty Bungalows with Murphy-In-A-Dor Beds, 1901 Polk Street

In 1919, Gehr Construction Company announced the construction of Fifty Nifty Bungalows "on Bolton Avenue, Polk Street, and other beautiful residential streets."  These bungalows were advertised to maximize room space because they are all built with closets to accomodate Murphy-In-A-Dor beds. In 1901 Polk Street, although remodeling has been done to alter the original floor... Continue Reading →

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