2301 Albert Street

2301 Albert Street is a humble home with a quiet history. It is a 1,898 square foot home with three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The home has a beautiful living room that sports nine windows spanning the walls to let in incredible amounts of natural light. It also has a galley kitchen, and a very large backyard for children to play in! This home served as the perfect place to raise young children for three different families between 1925 and 1960.

2301 Albert Street was built in 1925, and first inhabited by Winston Younger and his wife Claude. He was born in 1899 in Bunkie, Louisiana. He went on to move to Alexandria, and by 1921, he became a manager of Alexandria Tire & Vulcanizing Company. He married Claude and had their first son, also named Claude, by 1923. He owned his own car shop in 1925, but Winston changed professions to be a salesman at Pan Am Petroleum Corportation shortly afterwards and moved into his home on Albert Street. They had their second son, Winston Jr, in 1928. The couple moved out by 1931, to a residence a few houses down the street, where they had their third son, Robert, on Christmas Eve of that year. They continued to live in Alexandria for most of Winston’s life, until he moved to Natchitoches and died in 1960. His wife spent the rest of her days living with Winston Jr in Baton Rouge, where she died in 1966.

After Younger, Hosea C Wroten and his wife Hixie moved into the home, along with their sons Hosea Jr, Leo Willard, and Frank, and their daughter Margaret. Hosea Sr was born in 1886 in Ville Platte, Louisiana. He worked different jobs over his lifetime – a minister, a farmer, and eventually a construction foreman. His family lived in the house for three years, and went on to move to Monroe where the parents lived for the rest of their lives.

The house largely remained empty for the next twenty years, but remained in excellent condition. A Mrs. Shields owned the home and rented it out to short term tenants until 1954, when the Dugger family moved in. Robert Dugger was born in Princeton, Texas, in 1917. Between 1920 and 1930, his parents Pink and Cora Dugger moved to Alexandria. Robert attended Bolton High School from 1932 to 1936 and was very active in the school and afterwards. He participated in groups and clubs such as Newcomers’ Club, Tennis Club, Jr. Debating Club, Circus, and the Order of DeMolay. He was also very active in the Calvary Baptist Church. After high school, he worked as a helper at Interurban Transportation Company. In 1940, he moved to Shreveport and married Mary Martin. He worked as a bodybuilder until nearly 1950, when he began working for Continental Southern Bus Lines. The job eventually brought him back to Alexandria, when he moved into 2301 Albert St in 1954. Mary worked as an office assistant at Paramount Theater while their son Robert Jr and daughter Susan Warren were in school. By 1960, the Duggers moved to 133 Longfellow Drive. Maudine Davidson, a manicurist at Dore’s Barber Shop, moved in shortly thereafter. 

2301 Albert Street is a comfortable home for any small family looking for a starter home. It is also good for any couple that wants the perfect amount of space to spread out without being too overwhelming! If this home sounds perfect for you, be sure to click on the link below.

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