Lucas-Heller House, 2126 Jackson Street

2126 Jackson Street (sometimes known as Tuscany House in recent years) was built about 1920 and was the family residence of the Lucas-Heller family for the next 40+ years. They were a Jewish family from Louisiana with roots traced back through New York and then to Austria, Russia, and more.

Isaac Lucas and his wife Fannie Simon Lucas had 3 children: twins William and Miriam and youngest son Sydney. William went on to become an important Internal Revenue Service agent who worked across the state of Louisiana and who eventually settled in Louisiana. Miriam married an immigrant from Austria, Samuel Heller, who was a traveling salesman of a variety of companies including Parker Brothers, a ladieswear company, a cutlery and jewelry company, and more.

Samuel and Miriam had daughter Adelaide Lucas Heller who lived her childhood and most of her adulthood in this home. Adelaide attended Bolton High School and the University of Texas before returning home to teach at Tioga High School.



1920 – Construction (real estate records)
1923 – Mrs. Lucas receiving guests at the home (Town Talk)
1923 – Cook wanted (Town Talk)
1925 – Fannie Lucas mentioned at residence (Town Talk)
1926 – Mentioned at this home (Town Talk)
1929 – Isaac and Fannie Lucas at this home (City Directory)
1930 – Isaac & Fannie Lucas, Samuel & Miriam Heller with daughter Adelaide (1930 Census)
Sam Heller 1930 Census
1931 – Isaac & Fannie Lucas (Town Talk)
1934 – Samuel & Miriam Heller at this home (Town Talk)
1937 – Private room for rent (Town Talk)
1940 – Isaac & Fannie Lucas. Samuel & Miriam Heller with daughter Adelaide (1940 Census)
1945 – Isaac Lucas, aged 81, funeral held at residence (Town Talk)
1946 – 4 bedroom, 2 bath house for sale at 2126 Jackson (Town Talk)
1947 – Room for rent with semi-private bath (Town Talk)
1948 – Chauffeur wanted to travel with salesman (Town Talk)
1954 – Adelaide Heller, Eugene F Heller, and Miriam L Heller (widow of Samuel) at this residence (City Directory)
1957 – Mary Virginia McGraw listed as voter at this residence (Town Talk)
1960 – Miriam Heller & Adelaide Heller (teacher at Tioga High School) at this residence (City Directory)

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