What is Historic House Hunt?

Historic House Hunt began as an outlet for my love of history and passion for historical architecture.

Eight years ago, I started an office and janitorial supply business in Alexandria, LA. While I have loved the business and getting to know the local clientele, I longed for a way to utilize my love for the rich historical aspects of this Louisiana town. Since moving to the historic Garden District nine years ago, I have grown to love the area and the diversity in both people and architecture. I’ve often found myself driving the streets and admiring the variance in homes, where a Queen Anne style home can sit next to a Craftsman bungalow or American Foursquare.

This passion has driven me to start many projects to revitalize not only the neighborhood itself, but our city’s love and pride in their homes.

I began a new neighborhood group, which then led to reinstating the long dormant Garden District Neighborhood Foundation. For the past six years, I have served as the president of the Foundation and have organized events such as block parties, neighborhood watches, historic house fairs, holiday tours of homes, and much more to share my love for the area with those around me. I wanted to have a place where my neighbors could meet each other and grow as a community, and to instill pride in the beautiful area that we live in.

This naturally led me to obtain my real estate license, so I could use the business to further reinvigorate the area.

While I already researched the local historic homes on my own time, I realized that I could share my passion and skills as a service within my new profession. When I list homes in my area, I can not only tell the prospective buyers about the visible details of their home, but also who built it and how they brought it into existence. As I sell more homes, I can paint a more complete picture of the community that came before us, and the community that has come to be. This allows buyers to find a deep appreciation for not only the physical details of their home, but also the history that comes with it.

And thus, Historic House Hunt was born!

This blog will combine my love for real estate, history, architecture, my neighborhood, and the community that makes up Central Louisiana. Thank you for joining me here; I’m very excited to share this with you. Be sure to subscribe to see more information on what makes the beautiful city of Alexandria unique!

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